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World's largest nickel farm sequester 200 tons of CO2 per ton of battery grade nickel produced

Sahit Muja CO- Founder and Executive Director Metalplant

Metalplant Farm. Tropoje, Albania

Metalplant Farm. Tropoje, Albania

Sahit Muja Metalplant team in Tropoje, Albania

Metalplant 2024

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2024 / -- Exciting news unfolded this week as Silicon Valley-based company Metalplant introduced its groundbreaking technology, heralding a new era in permanent CO2 sequestration and the production of carbon-negative metals like nickel and cobalt. These metals are essential in various applications such as the battery industry, green stainless steel, and countless manufacturing processes. To delve deeper into this remarkable innovation, I had the privilege of speaking with Metalplant's Co-founder and Executive Director, Sahit Muja.

Sahit Muja expressed, "At Metalplant, we've dedicated years to collaborating discreetly with top scientists and universities globally. I'm immensely proud of our team's achievement and the significant global impact we're poised to deliver.

Amidst environmental crises, Metalplant emerges as a leader in the 2024 green transition movement. We proudly lead with the largest-scale hyperaccumulating commercial negative nickel farms. Through the synergy of cutting-edge nature-based technologies, we repurpose minerals, harness renewable energy, and reclaim non-arable land to produce these essential metals for the green energy revolution. Simultaneously, we actively combat excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

For every ton of nickel we produce, our innovative process permanently sequesters a remarkable 200 tons of CO2. This offers a scalable, cost-effective, and enduring solution to propel the green transition movement forward."

Sahit Muja emphasized Metalplant's pivotal role in one of the world's most significant missions: to scale up carbon dioxide removal and supply the essential metals like nickel, cobalt, and others crucial for society's clean energy transition and economic advancement. Metalplant was established with the vision of facilitating the global scale-up to gigatonnes per year of carbon dioxide removal at affordable rates, all while meeting the growing demand for metals vital to the green energy transition.

Our flagship product, HyperNickel™, epitomizes our commitment to sustainability. Developed with responsibility at its core, HyperNickel™ is poised to become the greenest source of nickel globally. It serves as an ideal nickel input for companies prioritizing environmentally conscious supply chains.

Sahit Muja said "The technology employed by Metalplant mirrors the elegant processes found in nature. Our team has accelerated these natural reactions by optimizing conditions, making them millions of times faster than the enhanced weathering observed in nature. This innovative approach involves finely crushing green olivine minerals, exposing them to water and varying temperatures, and fostering the growth of authentic hyperaccumulating plants. This groundbreaking endeavor marks a significant milestone in the green revolution.

The conversion of CO2 into magnesium carbonates, combined with other natural processes that transform it into sugars, vitamins, and facilitate the eco-friendly removal of heavy metals for battery and green energy applications, presents a comprehensive and sustainable solution. Additionally, the gradual dissolution of magnesium olivine in seawater not only enriches biodiversity with essential minerals but also helps mitigate ocean acidity while permanently converting carbon dioxide into valuable substances.

By emulating these natural filtration mechanisms in engineered systems, we can offer sustainable solutions for water and air purification from CO2. Nature harnesses renewable energy sources like sunlight and wind in its natural processes, emphasizing the importance of investing in and promoting renewable energy solutions inspired by nature to reduce dependence on non-renewable resources.

Through careful observation and emulation of nature, researchers and environmentalists can uncover sustainable and regenerative solutions that respect the delicate equilibrium of ecosystems. Biomimicry, a practice rooted in drawing inspiration from nature to address human challenges, exemplifies the potential of applying nature's wisdom to tackle environmental concerns."

Sahit Muja emphasized Metalplant's substantial investment, totaling millions of dollars, in developing this cutting-edge technology. Central to our efforts has been an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, with a meticulous focus on evaluating the impact on land, water, and air through comprehensive analyses. Our process and technology are entirely nature-based, harnessing the innate abilities of the natural world.

Drawing inspiration from enhanced weathering phenomena observed in various ecosystems globally, our journey has involved extensive data collection and collaboration with leading scientists across disciplines. This endeavor has enabled us to achieve what was once deemed impossible: expediting the natural process of CO2 sequestration and permanent storage by converting toxic CO2 into magnesium carbonates, a vital nutrient for biodiversity.
Sahit Muja shared his remarkable journey spanning over three decades, during which he dedicated his expertise to the exploration of magnesium silicates. His efforts led to the discovery of the world's largest and highest-quality olivine magnesium reserves. Concurrently, he focused on pioneering technologies to harness the immense potential of these eco-friendly minerals.

Through Metalplant's innovative technology, each billion tons of olivine can now permanently sequester an equivalent amount of CO2 while producing 3.4 million tons of nickel and other essential minerals. This breakthrough translates to approximately $200 billion in revenue for every billion tons of olivine minerals utilized. With the world's largest hyperaccumulating farms, unparalleled reserves of olivine, cutting-edge technology, and an exceptional team, Metalplant stands at the forefront of this transformative industry.

Muja reflected on the arduous yet rewarding journey, marked by decades of hard work, challenges, and perseverance.
Meet Sahit Muja, an Albanian-American billionaire hailing from New York with a staggering net worth exceeding $3.5 billion. Renowned in the global business and technology arena, Muja champions innovative solutions in clean energy and environmental sustainability. With a visionary outlook, he drives investments in green innovation, spearheading initiatives in CO2 capture and combatting water and land pollution. As the Co-founder of Metalplant, Muja plays a pivotal role in revolutionizing green nickel production.

Serving as the Chairman and CEO of influential enterprises such as Global Mining, Green Minerals, and Albanian Minerals, Sahit Muja holds considerable sway in the realms of business, investment, and cutting-edge technologies worldwide. His influence extends across diverse sectors, encompassing mining, metals, minerals, oil, natural gas, renewable energy, and pioneering green technologies.

Muja's strategic investments in mining have yielded remarkable geological discoveries, unveiling over 1 trillion tons of valuable minerals across the globe. Presently, he boasts the world's largest reserves of magnesium olivine, renowned for their exceptional quality, along with one of Europe's largest chrome ore reserves. Additionally, Muja's portfolio includes substantial reserves of nickel, cobalt, gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium, aluminum, iron ore, manganese, and Rare Earth Minerals, underscoring his steadfast commitment to sustainable resource development.

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