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Sustainability Summit 2018

Date: 22-Mar-18 to 22-Mar-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
A lot can change in a year. As global political shifts have given way to a new world order, the role of citizens, businesses and policymakers in the pursuit of progress on the green agenda has also evolved. The decision of the US president, Donald Trump, to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, and the subsequent defiance from certain state legislatures and multinational companies demonstrates the expanding role of individuals and corporates in driving progress in a globalised world. At the same time, Brexit is narrowing the bandwidth of European legislators, threatening to delay critical progress on policy. But with the effects of climate change increasingly apparent across the world, can we really afford to wait? Does the onus fall upon businesses and consumers to pick up the slack where ...

SPE EOR Conference at OGWA

Date: 25-Mar-18 to 28-Mar-18
Location: Muscat / Oman
The SPE EOR Conference, held alongside OGWA, will convene global experts in all forms of EOR techniques to present, share and discuss their ideas, initiatives and findings. It will cover the latest advances in chemical EOR, thermal EOR, miscible gas injection EOR, low salinity water flooding, emerging and innovative methods, monitoring and surveillance for EOR, EOR screening studies, well design, drilling and completion challenges for EOR applications and much more.

8th Annual International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit

Date: 27-Mar-18 to 28-Mar-18
Location: Atlanta / United States
Now in it's 8th year, SMR 2018 brings together a host of exciting agenda topics, speakers and attendees that are all working within the SMR and advanced reactor industry. Of particular focus in 2018 is the market opportunities for deployment of not just first of a kind, but also of Nth of a kind reactors in the US, Canada and internationally. Split between an international plenary session and side-by-side US and Canadian tracks, the SMR summit will pinpoint the opportunities in each market. Confirmed speakers for the summit so far include: Mike Rencheck, CEO, Bruce Power Ed McGinnis, Acting Assistant Secretary of Energy, US DOE Vonna Ordaz, Acting Director - Office of New Reactors, US NRC Glenn Jager, Chief Nuclear Officer, OPG Mark Lesinski, President and CEO, Canadian ...

SPE Workshop: Cementing Solutions That Improve Well Value

Date: 27-Mar-18 to 28-Mar-18
This workshop aims to understand what we currently do to address a wide array of cementing challenges and how we deal with them. It will then progress into a critical analysis of the efficiency with which we truly participate to solving the main issues of the oil and gas community, which increase well life while maintaining the low costs, manage risk in dynamic subsurface conditions while improving economics, and lower environmental risks. This workshop will initially provide a detailed outline of what the industry’s cementing challenges are and how the industry is currently addressing them. The workshop will then transition into a critical analysis of today’s solutions in terms of their technical and economic efficiency and how low-price solutions can substantially impact a well or ...

Argus China and Global Oil 2018

Date: 28-Mar-18 to 29-Mar-18
Location: Beijing / China
In this year’s Argus China and Global Oil Conference we will also discuss on the opportunities and threats that One Belt One Road initiative offers especially to China. How will this massive project changes crude trade flow? Join us to hear from leading organizations on how they are coping with uncertainties in the market as well as potential opportunities and threats that bound to come in this challenging 2018. Key Highlights: One Belt One Road Initiative - What are the Implications to Countries Involved as Well as China’s Economic Influence on the Regional and Global Level OPEC Production Cut Extension – Impact to Global Supply and Demand Especially China Impact of Striving for Cleaner Energy to China’s Crude Oil Demand Will Global Demand Able to Balance Out Increased ...

Argus Biodiesel China 2018

Date: 28-Mar-18 to 29-Mar-18
Location: Beijing / China
Argus Biodiesel China 2018 will be held over 28-29 March 2018 in Beijing, China. Expect to meet global participants for half a day of networking in a laid-back setting and one day of market discussions. The conference will focus in the following key topics : - Global landscape of biodiesel, feedstock preferences and key markets - From palm oil to UCO? Changing government policies contribute to the sudden rise in UCO interest - Pricing economics of UCO and its impact on price and trade of UCO methyl ester and hydrotreated vegetation oil (HVO) biodiesel - Key UCO demand centres — self- sufficiency and import capacity - China’s UCO market: Exports, domestic use and growth potential

Mines and Money Asia

Date: 03-Apr-18 to 06-Apr-18
Location: Hong Kong / Hong Kong
Mines and Money is Asia’s largest mining investment conference and exhibition. Now in its 11th year, it has generated millions of dollars in new business, deals and opportunities and helped to finance hundreds of miners. The programme will include over 150 speakers covering the favourites including gold, precious and base metals; as well as battery metals that are driving the future of energy; while also looking at the carbon to electron revolution taking place. There will also be a strong focus on Belt and Road and the enormous impact on commodity demand, alongside the lessons that can be learnt following the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. With majors looking at replenishing their resources, explorers once again raising money, and M&A deals on the rise, ...

Saint Petersburg 2018. Innovations in geosciences – time for breakthrough'

Date: 09-Apr-18 to 12-Apr-18
Location: St. Petersburg / Russia
The EAGE Saint Petersburg International Conference & Exhibition offers a technical, student and social programme. These programmes consist out of poster and oral presentations, short courses, workshops, lectures and many other activities. Next to these activities there will also be an exhibition. Around 700 scientists attend this exhibition to learn about the latest developments. Technical Programme Besides the official opening and general session on Monday 11 April, the regular technical programme runs 11–14 April, including more than 230 poster and oral presentations and a dedicated session. In addition, short courses are offered on Sunday 10 April and on Friday 15 April and field trip on Monday 11 April. The conference will cover virtually all significant areas of geosciences, ...

CRU World Copper Conference 2018

Date: 09-Apr-18 to 11-Apr-18
Location: Santiago / Chile
CRU’s 17th World Copper Conference is the world premier copper conference attracting over 500 delegates. Together with CESCO Week the event constitutes one of the most important gatherings in the mining industry. This CEO-level meeting boasts an impressive delegation of industry decision-makers and is the best opportunity to hear from copper mining and smelting industry leaders. Last year’s event included 12 keynote presentations from C-Suite executives from the world’s leading mining companies and the 2018 event will feature a similarly impressive speaker line-up. The copper market continues to go from strength to strength. The concentrates market is expected to be in deficit by c600,000 tonnes a year in the near future as supply struggles to keep step with demand. Copper price has ...